The sobrasada ganiveta

  • The sobrasada ganiveta

The purpose of the project was to create and develop a new kitchen utensil. Based on the features which make Majorcan sobrasada different from other pork products on the market, it follows the example of other food products which already have their own specific gadgets, such as the knives to cut cured ham, cheese… This new knife allows you to cut and spread Majorcan sobrasada easily.

This knife provides a clean, straight cut and features a curved stainless-steel blade with a rounded tip and a round, lathe-turned wooden handle, joined by a metal ring.

Quick instructions:

  1. To cut Majorcan sobrasada, simply press down slightly towards the tip of the knife, making a rotating movement with your wrist.
  2. After removing its skin, spread the sobrasada on the bread using the opposite side of the knife.
  3. After each use, rinse in hot water and dry.