Majorcan sobrasada: Taste and colour

  • Majorcan sobrasada: Taste and colour

The Majorcan Sobrasada Regulatory Board is launching a new cook book, containing some of the most innovative recipes of today’s cuisine.

It has been compiled by some of the most influential chefs on the Majorcan gastronomic scene.

From the time it was formed, the objective of the Majorcan Sobrasada Regulatory Board was to promote creative cooking using Majorcan sobrasada. The many recipe books that have been published throughout this time stand testimony to this objective.

After the first book – entitled “Majorcan sobrasada Cuisine” -, featuring some of the most popular recipes, several brochures followed, with unpublished suggestions which explore all the possibilities that the taste and quality of Majorcan sobrasada offer to today’s cuisine.

With the launch of “MAJORCAN SOBRASADA: TASTE AND COLOUR”, the Majorcan Sobrasada Regulatory Board takes a new step, offering a new selection of the creations of Majorcan directional cuisine, compiled by our gastronomic advisor, Antoni Pinya; some of the hottest picks include the collaboration of Tolo and Oscar, from Xoriguer restaurant, Tomeu Caldentey, from El Olivo restaurant, Sebastià Esteva, from Vistamar restaurant, and pork expert Xesc Reina.

The book includes a wide selection of starters, such as Potato Salad with Majorcan Sobrasada, Ciabatta Bread Slices with Lobster and Pineapple, Majorcan Sobrasada Mash and Terrine of Vegetables with Majorcan Sobrasada… to name just a few of the most attractive suggestions. It also offers a wide and creative selection of nine main courses, including Duck Loins with Majorcan Sobrasada and dried apricots…, “Tumbet” with Majorcan Sobrasada, Monkfish and Cabbage Casserole… Finally, desserts are really appealing and mouth-watering: Majorcan Sobrasada Fantasy with Figs, Fresh Fruit Gratin with Majorcan Sobrasada, Baked Apples with Majorcan Sobrasada …

The Regulatory Board paid special attention to the design and presentation of the book. The artwork was carried out by the “Institut d’Innovació Empresarial de les Illes Balears” IDI, with photographs from Xisco Monserrat and Nico Martinez, and the design by Marta Torres.

With this new book, Majorcan Sobrasada continues to contribute its very own idiosyncrasies to the highest and most creative cuisine of today.